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O”- Bay community Trust Provides: advice, Business start-ups, Training, information, referrals and signposting to services for our BME members and local residents benefits, support for the creation of new and development of existing community enterprises and related employment opportunities.

We also provide a complete service for the collection, processing and remarketing of WEEE. Our services include:

And initiatives to:-


WEEE & The Law
The UK, Europe, America, Africa produces million Tonnes of WEEE each year from domestic and commercial sources. Everyone should be aware that under the WEEE directive, as from July 2007 it will be illegal to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment to landfill.
WEEE encompasses everything from electronic games, calculators, toasters and kettles to fridges, washing machines, audio systems, televisions, IT equipment and commercial and industrial equipment.

When put into landfill, WEEE relinquishes its toxins and pollutes the environment. The EU introduced a directive aimed at reducing WEEE, encouraging reuse, recovery of its base materials, and reducing the environmental impact of disposal. The Directive (Directive 2002/96/EC) has passed into law in all Member states

Recycle Network Partners:

SWEEEP is a Specialist Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Processor. We will help you comply with new legislation that affects you as a business, waste management company or a householder by providing a complete service for the collection, processing and remarketing of WEEE. As an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility we provide solutions to industry and government in the environmentally safe processing of excess, obsolete or end-of-life commercial, industrial and consumer electrical and electronic equipment. We refurbish or recycle all electrical and electronic equipment to ensure compliance with the WEEE directive that precludes its environment-damaging disposal into landfill.

London Community Resource Network (LCRN) is a social enterprise charity supporting organisations and communities working to manage resources sustainably, especially through waste prevention, reuse and recycling.

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