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O"-bay Community Trust (OBCT)

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Mission Statement

O"-Bay Community Trust is a social equality group, which believes that by the strength of our common endeavours we achieve more than we achieve alone. So as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many not the few, where the right we enjoy reflect the duties we owe, and where we live together, freely in a spirit of solidarity, cohesion, tolerance, forbearance and respect".


O"-Bay Community Trust was established in March 1990 as not for profit organisation; with aims to raise aspirations and promote social inclusion. To promote and facilitate its services users' involvement and engagement in socio-economic and Community Economic Regeneration programme. "Socio-economic Inclusion not exclusion" by providing confidential, impartial advice and information on local, regional and national governments social policies, enacted acts and reforms. Also provide employment related services and up-skilling. We believe that, wherever you are in the world, accessing accurate information, advice and guidance is vital in the overall management of the people and community economic restoration. Both actively and passively in the organisation capacity as information disseminations portal on community economic regeneration policy; also provides referrals', signposting, coordination and facilitations on civil and civic duties; sensors, electoral registrations and community involvement and engagement activities to ensure the sense belonging.
Aim to support local residents up-skilling, empower youth to achieve their potentials, provides Immigration Services for our local migrant communities certified by the Office for Immigration Service Commissioner; run weekend supplementary classes, after school Club, IT training, ESOL lessons, workshops on interview techniques, CV writing, RAFA Team / Mother & Toddler group / Health Promotion; OBCT & RCCG KLC Enfield Africans Over 50s forum; Work Club; Summer School for 8years to 13 years / Mid-term Breaks; PC Refurbishment and support the creation and development of new and existing community enterprises etc., of youth music and dance development workshops and talent showcases

O"-Bay Community Trust though BME lead community group provides generic services to our service users who are local residents irrespective of their race, colour, gender, sexual orientation or religious believes (inclusion not exclusion) to ensure community cohesion and integrations. Free initial enquiry impartial advice on Immigration and advocacy services for Enfield Migrants community, free confidential and impartial advice, information, Welfare Rights, Housing, Debt, Health Promotion, Environment friendly projects, passive and active signposting, referral and guidance on issues relating to Education.

OBCT's work targets the vulnerable members of our communities to make accessible pathways away from poverty and deprivation; to give our service users the opportunities to engage in activities, projects and/or services provided by ourselves or with our local network partners which will facilitate their integration into our local community to ensure their involvements and engagements civic and civil activities. OBCT's work harnesses the immense capability through working with over a thousand of our local network partners to meet the needs of our vulnerable migrant communities, in ensuring we maximise the opportunity for our members and service users to integrate into society; through employment, volunteering, civic empowerment, training, youth and weekend supplementary classes and gaining better educational attainment for their sustainability and benefits.

O"- Bay community Trust Provides advice to ensure, Business start-ups, Training, information, referrals and signposting to services for local residents benefits, support for the creation of new and development of existing community enterprises and related employment opportunities that;- Draw local residents out of social and economic exclusion; Enable them to participate fully in economic opportunities; Engage and Involvements in direct economic regeneration of their neighborhoods; Support initiatives to identify and address barriers to unemployment and learning; Establishing mentoring and aftercare activities for people suffering from mental illness; Support for the development of key transferable skills for work e.g. ICT, vocational training / re-skilling including work related experience; By providing services that would draw local residents out of social and economic exclusion; Enable our members and local residents to participate fully in economic opportunities that will sustain them holistically; Initiatives that would encourage and engage our members in local issues and direct the regeneration of their neighborhoods; Long-term economic stability & Rising living standards for all; Expanded higher education attainments within our neighborhoods; A healthier neighborhoods & Full employment opportunities; Opportunity for all children, security for all pensioners; Strong and accountable and transparent network. & Tackle all forms poverty.

We provide generic service to our service users, members, clients and local residents; irrespective of their race, colour, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. We work and provide services on a first come first serve basis to ensure equality of access.

In summary OBCT work seeks to tackle poverty and inequality amongst our vulnerable community members and local residents in a multi-faceted method which is accessible and which meets the basic short-term and long-term needs of our service users.